I HAVE A LONG HISTORY, which isn't entirely a good thing. The good part: lots of great memories and much less cluelessness. The bad part: I probably won't be around in twenty years. Just saying.

I WAS AT UC BERKELEY during the Free Speech movement and a student at its Graduate School of Journalism during the school’s heady first two years. After that I freelanced for national magazines at a time when you could do that and make a living (see two of my stories in the Articles link on my Homepage.) I also edited magazines and wrote an adventure travel book that people still say they can't put down. (You can order it on Amazon.)

I’VE TAKEN UP PHOTOGRAPHY because I had to give up writing due to repetitive stress in my hands, and I wanted to keep on having adventures. Learning to think visually has also been it’s own reward. When I'm out with my camera I look for treasure, almost always in places most people don't go. I photograph a lot in poor parts of town because people there are hanging out on the streets and I don't have to make an appointment to see them. Poor people also have time to talk so I can immerse myself in their worlds. And for some reason (even though I’ve been mugged twice) I’m not afraid (although some might say that is cluelessness). Like all of us, the distressed and despised have stories and they deserve to be seen and heard.

FINAL THOUGHT: I  think of myself as a story-teller rather than an artist, but here I am with a portfolio..

 Photo by Reed Cooper

Photo by Reed Cooper

MY BOOK: "Shooting the Boh: A Woman's Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo."
MY MAGAZINE FEATURE STORIES: Published in the New York Times Magazine, the Village Voice, New West, Playboy, Ms., Redbook, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, California, and more local newspapers and magazines.
MY EDITORIAL JOBS: Managing editor of The Los Angeles Weekly; Northern California editor of California Magazine; editor of The Berkeley Monthly; and temp editor of San Francisco Magazine.